About the Artist

Here’s to being anything but ordinary.

Since as long as I can remember I have been an artist, dreaming of worlds away, somewhere deep in the impossible. But the weird and wonderful ideas flowing through my head could never go onto paper in the same way they looked in my imagination. Once I had my first computer and then the first version of photoshop, it opened up a whole new world for me creatively. I started working in graphic design when I graduated from college and have had a computer by my side ever since. I’ve travelled a lot and lived in many cities around the world, working in different industries along the way, but no matter what, I never stopped designing. It wasn’t until the introduction of AI into my life that I finally had a way to realise all the colour and excitement that had been floating around in my head all these years. I just had to figure out how to get this new tech to give me the pieces I needed to make it happen (which is not always an easy task). The artworks in this gallery are compositions using AI generations that have been carefully pieced together with many tedious hours in photoshop. The colours, characters and props are intentional.

I am currently living and working in Germany. Still designing, still creating cocktails and cuddling my cat.


About the Art

My goal is to bring colour and cheer to the world. This gallery is a cumulation of my life as a designer, bartender, fashion enthusiast and of course cat lover. I like to play in the world of colourful fantasy dipped in meaning. My hope is that my art lights a beam of sunny disposition when the dark feels impenetrable. There is a bit of symbolism in each artwork, connected to life. Some are representations of my life through experience and some through lessons I’ve learned along the way. Fantasy mirroring reality. Maybe you find something you connect to, maybe the art just makes you smile. As long as it makes you feel something, I’ve done my job.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at The Dreamscape Gallery.


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